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4/12: Processional Performance: Flower Man Bike Parade

with 2014 CounterCurrent Festival- Mitchell Center - Houston

A processional performance and public art event organized by Houston artists who remember the life, aesthetics, and artistry of Cleveland Turner. Houstonians are invited to continue his tradition of conviviality, style, and cycling by tracing the bike route of Flower Man through the streets of Third Ward.

Apr 15, 2014 / 6 notes

4/11 Performance @ The Museum of FIne Arts Houston - Hirsch Library 

Autumn Knight and Lisa E. Harris collaborate on their critical investigation on the idea of accessibility and exclusion.They are sensitized to the moments of inclusion and exclusion, expressed in the spatial designs of the Hirsch Library at various levels; a leery gaze that a security guard casts on them on their ways to the library past the Museum entrance; the Alice Pratt Brown Garden that is so hidden and recalls a private garden of the wealthy family; the back office that is only accessible for the Hirsch staff. Such tension gains a deeper cultural stake in the connection that the artists make with the racial structure.

Knight and Harris imagine the future of the Hirsch Library where the established inclusion-exclusion collapses. Assuming the roles of the future Hirsch staff members, they bring the presence of those who are not included into the space, forcing the audience the experience of exclusion.

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